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About Us

hi all ,
Veri property has completed a corporate restructure in 1989 and the real estate sector has been start.the definition of quality has been the best in the industry and have a voice.
the first and central office alsancak logged in to the sector development ,growth and progression has to contribute a share in the fact that sunday has worked.
corporate constructions since 2007, adds a new dimension, a new generation of staff had copied their savings and acquired the izmirregion has spread to a lot of.

seferihisar, staff was friendly and helpful , giles , karşıyaka branch offices, three offices on the site of a central one in the region with more advanced and powerful real estate data restructure has made our goal. our product and service quality constantly to meet customer demands and expectations with the highest level of strong communication between us and our customers ensure customer loyalty and create an emotional connection,leading to be the most preferred brand by expanding the chain, the service chain competitiveness and to increase our profitability,our company is the national / international market in order to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our own continuous improvement methods expertise in their field, who led turkey to become a reliable and reputable industry organization,is advancing.

functions of savings and too big to fit into words, sentences betimleyem to work in turkey by making the goal of a life that is too detailed can compete , can grow bayraklasan and multi-dimensional real estate firm built by a new generation of a system adapting to the need of regional and physical changes, together with a consultant who can give you the best possible service to the region and employs its staff.

where do we see Veri Property today realty ?

real estate data today, in our opinion, with offices in izmir, izmir know how you can serve in ?
although adapted to the new generation with the unchanging principles in the area for 28 years to provide the best service ,and customer satisfaction in the internet environment both in the region and to provide both regional and mail and advertising to be effective, once again serves to specify the difference with the pace intense. advertising efforts and its active – active web sites with the best and you are looking for a step in order to proceed with more certainty and maintain the property is continuing to work with you.

why are we so sure of ourselves talking ?
someone who is not confident,another can know for sure how ?

our staff is an expert consultant on corporate organization in a serious way down; real estate marketing equipped with powerful engine steady progress towards becoming one of the companies we are working.
human-oriented work focusing on customer satisfaction our vision our business our success one step further to rise the volume of data we're trying to expand the estate.
quality assurance-trained staff and professional business discipline with its image that strengthens real estate data,the goal of becoming one of the most influential institutions in turkey's large and safe steps with rises.

our services ;
real estate for sale
real estate rentals
real estate evaluation
managing real estate
real estate project presentation
preparation of real estate projects
the valuer

any valuer within the time frame desired have been determined using various methods and immovable malin is the process of calculating the value. appraisals made regarding real estate in the right place and the right analysis needs to be done.land records such as land and real estate requires the interpretation and examination of the official records of. this analysis, however; to analyze and describe the features and construction of real estate the environmental characteristics of the region can be trained a technical expert. individuals and institutions that determine the value of your property is also very important that it is reliable and honest. the objective of the appraisal process are very open to speculation especially in recent years from a perspective that must be made. the firm with expertise in this regard, a company must be competent.
real estate data expert with expert in the framework of the corporate identity, fast, accurate, reliable as the company offers a competent service. the company appraisal process , analyse and know the area well however, according to recent sales figures, should be able to make real determinations. finally, it is important what you would expect from the appraisal report.
the result can change a lot for you, you may incur many losses tangible and intangible and unreal incorrect appraisal.
for this reason, for accurate results, offering you full confidence, you can contact a real estate data


as a virgo your abundant,
as a nature,healthy
with best regards wish as a fertile soil
together with desire to do good work


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